• http://www.psycholocrazy.com/ jamie flexman

    Hey, nice article. I’ve been learning German on and off for the past 4 years and while it’s tough (stupid syntax) I have learnt so many words that I feel I could at least be understood if I ever found myself waking up in Berlin without a clue how I got there.

    I like what you say about adults having advantages over children. We are more intelligent, focused, have another language to fall back on and increased concentration. The only drawback is time, but that is of our own doing.

    I dipped into Spanish once and found it easier than German so that will be my next quest but it’s always going to be a lifelong journey. The key is to not expect too much too soon and to enjoy the process!

    • http://scottbold.com/ Scott Bold

      Have you enjoyed learning German or had an opportunity to speak it with anyone? One of my coolest experiences with a foreign language was with German. I was in Moscow with several friends and we were lost in strange part of town. It was nearing midnight and the only person around was a lady running a small newspaper stand that for whatever reason was still open (until now, I never thought of how odd that fact actually was).

      Most Russians don’t speak much English, so we weren’t expecting much. After trying to order something in English, for whatever reason one of my friends uttered some German, and as luck would have it, she ended up being fluent in German. My two friends who spoke German ended up having a conversation with her and we were able to become ‘un-lost’. So random…

      I really love the Spanish language so far. I’ll be sharing some more Spanish specific advice in the near future…

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